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If you love jazz music, you might want to visit one of the best area in Bandung. “City Terrace Bar de Braga by ARTOTEL” will hold a regular jazz concert which starts from July 2022. They called it “The Art of Jazz”, the place where people like you can jam and benefit from the best view and food.

They will feature five jazz musicians, consist of:

Boyke Priyo Utomo (Saxophone)
Kanggep Kusuma (Guitar)
Alman Naufal (Drums)
Balqi Lesmana (Bass)
Mamay Sumantri (Vocal)

Two years ago, we hardly had any musical event. Recently, Bandung anticipates more event to come in various locations. So, we could expect more musical displays in “The Art of Jazz” to enjoy and hang out with.

Jazz Quartet at “AOM Dining Club” Bandung Indonesia

One of the music event  in Bandung has been giving a live jazz music performance  on AOM Dining Club, Pasir Kaliki Street, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The musical performances Tue May 10th, 2022 consisted of Alman Naufal (drums), Balqi Lesmana (Bass) Imam Pras (piano) & Kanggep Kusuma (guitar).

For musician, a song is a dialogue between instruments, and their approach is the same whether they’re soloing or playing rhythm.

The audience was entertained by the strains of mainstream jazz songs that were full of improvisation.

The players in this jazz quartet are Alman Naufal, He is very skilled and competent. He can add a solid jazz feel to a musical composition. produce a unique and new feel.

Kanggep Kusuma, he is a jazz guitar player and music lecturer at a university in Bandung. He supports every song composition that is played with his interpretation style. The combination of polyrhythm and suggestive playing style that he plays in each composition forms an interesting harmonious sound. His guitar playing encourages interaction with all players.

Balqi Lesmana, he is an amazing jazz bass player. He creates a lot of fillings and rhythmic modulations, He supports and compensates everyone in the band who produces amazingly beautiful music.

Imam Pras, he is an extraordinary jazz arranger . During the performance we exchanged many phrasing and rhythmic compositions, He always managed to encour age everyone in the band to produce quality of music.


The event Inspyro Make a Move held by Inspyro Moves, happening on 5 & 6 June 2021, has been a memorable journey for all the dancers, crews, and audiences. The first collaboration between drummer Alman Naufal and three dancers followed by a vibrant duet from Jessica Christina and Arif Surahman, in collaboration with guitarist Kanggep A. Kusuma and saxophonist Billy, brought audiences’ excitement to another level.

The audiences were also amazed by the second segment which consisted of three awe-inspiring dance artworks ‘The Missing Souls’, ‘State of Uncertainty’, and ‘PERSEVERE’ created by rising choreographers from Inspyro Moves. The choreographers’ talk also went beyond expectation as the audiences got their questions answered amazingly by three young & talented generations Clara Neisha, Abdul Hadi, and Laurine Oscarina.

Finally, the final performance from UP – Close 2021 Dancers gave the audiences a different approach to dance through the Jazz Fusion choreography by Arif Surahman. The energy didn’t stop as all dancers who attended the show turned themselves in the jamming session that was led by musicians Kanggep A. Kusuma (guitar), Alman Naufal (drum), and Billy (saxophone).

What a night to remember! This whole event has also become a milestone for Inspyro Moves to always keep their passion alive and their spirit on fire. “I’m very excited for what’s coming. This event and the process behind it have pushed me to unleash more of my potential and have inspired me to always do my best in whatever situation I am in”, said one of the dancers of Inspyro Make a Moves.

To see a glimpse of the event:

Inspyro Moves, established in 2015 by Jessica Christina, is a platform that aims to grow the Contemporary Dance community in Indonesia as well as to equip local dancers in achieving greater heights in their dancing by giving them opportunity, knowledge, and experience from various workshops and events.

In addition, the team hopes to encourage the society to appreciate and celebrate this art form, Contemporary Dance. Even though the pandemic is not over yet, Inspyro Moves will continue to carry out the vision by creating innovative dance programs so that Indonesian dance scene will keep on improving. Connect with them to know more about contemporary dance and their work : Instagram : @inspyro_moves,  Youtube Channel : Inspyro Moves.


Pandemic has affected the world of arts in so many ways and dancers have felt the significant impacts & changes on how they practice, how they choreograph, and how they perform. Instead of staying quiet, the dance studio Inspyro Moves keeps on trying to create opportunities for dancers to equip and improve. “This is not the time to give up. This is the time to dream big, to acknowledge the truth, and to come up with a plan.”, said Jessica Christina, the founder of Inspyro Moves, thinking that one of the most important things to do is to move forward and keep dance alive.

Jessica herself has created a platform RE – work for rising choreographers (students of Inspyro Moves) to explore their creativity, technique, vocabulary, and knowledge in Contemporary Dance while practicing their abilities to create an artwork. In the process, the choreographers get a conducive space to reconstruct a dance piece they have created before, as well as to make progress through changes and adjustments needed for the item. This year, Jessica has three young and talented choreographers in this program and one of them is still 12 years old.

Besides, an annual dance program, UP – CLOSE Dance Intensive, has been designed to facilitate dancers in a specific genre through a 5 – day intensive training. This year, Inspyro Moves longs to elevate the Jazz Fusion dance scene in Bandung and has invited a well – known choreographer Arif Surahman to train the chosen dancers with physical exercises, technique drills, and explorations that will be wrapped in a form of choreography.

As we all know, the pandemics have forced people to think outside the box, to imagine their world anew. How can dance emerge fresh? “Collaboration! We can’t do things alone. If we want to go far, we have to go together. We need others in everything. To overcome this season, it is obvious that we have to go together”, said Jessica. Inspyro Moves has also been eager to bring dance to another level by doing collaboration projects with different Indonesian artists from Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Bandung. The team finally came to a question “What’s dance without good music?” as mentioned by Inspyro Moves Art Director Salvius Alvin at one of their meetings, which leads them to the idea of collaborating with musicians Kanggep A. Kusuma, Alman Naufal, and Billy.

All things brought up above will be presented on INSPYRO MAKE A MOVE, happening on 5 & 6 June at Inspyro Moves (Jalan Kresna No. 52, Bandung, Indonesia). This event is a celebration of what Inspyro Moves has been doing in the middle of a pandemic. The show will kick off with a performance from Alman with three movers, followed by a dance duet from Jessica Christina and Arif Surahman, in collaboration with Kanggep (guitar) and Billy (saxophone). The other segments of the event will be amazing performances from RE – work and UP – CLOSE Dance Intensive 2021.


The jazz drummer and song writer Alman Naufal elevates a special vibes on his recent comeback promotion. It’s all started with his first ever release ‘The Initiative’ on July 7th, 2020 and now his comeback with ‘ENTITY’ on March 31st, 2021 at 12PM is also going to be a whole straight forward instrumental jazz trio consist of drums, bass and guitar. We might expect more solos and intense interplays as we’ve seen in the album highlight medley which has been released in last Friday, but it seems that there will be always even more to come as Alman Naufal said about his music and upcoming release, “In making music we believe in a consistent improvement, improvisation, and freedom of self-expression. We will always deliver the most recent and innovative musicianship in a platform of rich harmonic, and rhythmic movements. We aim to achieve a creation of deep and heavy-meditative music through a contrast musical narration of laid-back jazz rhythms and straight-forward melody which is very challenging, but emotionally rewarding. It involves every spectrum of dynamics and syncopations in the making of our sensitive, perceptive and highly responsive music”. His contrast style of jazz presentation is an interesting highlight to anticipate in this album, the musical narration itself will bring us to particular breath taking adventures of tension and release. For furthermore information let’s take a look to the following interview.   

Q: How are you? What are you feeling right now? What do you think about these pandemic times? Is there any message you want to express to your listeners?

Alman Naufal: I’m great thank you! We are feeling grateful right now that we are able to safely deliver our feelings through our music in the middle of this global predicament and in this particularly hard time, we want to support, accompany, and remind our listeners that in every storm, we are one step away to be in a clear and bright sunny days. Even though the world have fallen into a pandemic state, if you and I unite, to gather our heart towards our dream and vision for the sake of humanity, together we can do anything, nothing can stop us to keep going. You will never be alone; together with us, you will always find friends who are not going to give up. Keep moving toward your goal! No matter where you are, stay safe, stay healthy!

Q: Why it has to be ENTITY?

Alman Naufal: Our existence as a unique individual attracts people that have a similar vision and passion with us. This natural force brings us a realization that in every experience we’ve had, in every person we’ve met; it becomes us, it becomes ENTITY, and it brings us to our choices. We believe in a consistent improvement, improvisation, and freedom of self-expression. We’re value driven, and by this album we want to present a bonded-strength of interplay together with a passionate self-expression through improvisation as one, as an ENTITY.

Q: What do you think about your fellow members?

Alman Naufal: They’re very skillful and competent. They could do anything, and give a solid jazz feeling into the music. The process itself become so smooth with them, we exchange a lot of personal statement in our playing, but we still make it harmonious and synergizing, we stick to our core value to facilitate freedom of expression and mutual respect to produce a whole new unique composition. And then, Mr. Kanggep Kusuma had his own style of song interpretation. The mixed of polyrhythms and suggestive-playing style which he brings to the compositions had established a special harmonious sounds- the one of a kind. You won’t encounter many players who play like this. It was unique yet challenging; he brings everything in a whole new level of interplays. As for Mr. Balqi Lesmana, he is a magnificent groove and times keeper. We do exchange a lot of fills and rhythmic-modulations, and then in every time I play with him- in every flow we made, it feels magical. He supports and compensates everyone in the band which produced an unbelievably beautiful music.

Q: Are there any particular messages you want to convey to your listeners with the album?

Alman Naufal: Dear listeners, I want to convince you that you are special, you are unique, you are one of a kind, take a good care of yourself, and the world will take care of the rests. As an ‘ENTITY’, you are able to surround yourself with everything and every people you love, do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, think what you want to think; because it’s all about you, it’s your journey, it’s your story. ‘ENTITY’ is all about uniqueness and how we could achieve amazing, special things as a group when all of its members are confidence in their own skin; to have courage and freedom to express their true self.

Q: What are your upcoming plans for the rests of 2021?

Alman Naufal: We will work hard to come back with a new special jazz album very soon! Please look forward into it!

This interview was arranged by AN ENTERTAINMENT, 2021.03.27, 4PM.


If you’re kind of person who like to be relaxed and confidence, this upcoming music might be for you. We will expect new mainstream jazz album from an energetic jazz drummer and song-writer, Alman Naufal. To know why it will get along with a cool person like you, we have interviewed him on July, 2nd.

“I believe that music is a lifestyle. It defines you, it brings you to a person you’ll meet, a friend you’ll have and a mood you’ll employ”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: What’s your motivation in making music?

We believe in helping people to be relaxed, confidence and to enjoy their life.

Q: How could this music help our life?

This music has a unique function to help us relax and focus. In a nice setting, it will be able to establish an elegant ambience and vibe which will unconsciously give us a boost on our self-esteem. All come from the unique, dynamic chord changes, and cool rhythms.

“I’m grateful to be able to work with Mr. Kanggep Kusuma, my own father on guitar. Together, we can achieve something unthinkable. He could perfectly execute anything harmoniously and in a beautiful way”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: Why are you choosing jazz-mainstream concept on your music?

Because it’s entertaining, we all know very well that this style presents a clear jazz musical form from the theme to improvisation. So the listeners could understand it easily, and be fascinated by the unpredictability which is presented by the player’s improvisation.

Q:  What jazz-fans could expect from this release?

You could anticipate a catchy theme and improvisation from each instrument. It will give you clearer idea in what’s going on in every player, because we had made it in jazz trio concept which provides us with a lot of space to interplay and express ourselves.

“Mr. Balqi Lesmana is an established bass player. It’s such an honor to be able to work with him. He’s so skillful, it’s not easy to find a partner that makes you able to play freely and confidently”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: What is a unique factor that differentiates this jazz album?

Each player contributes to the uniqueness of this release. It has some sense of simplicity that helps audience to enjoy the music.

Q: What impacts do you want to give to your listeners?

I believe that everybody deserves to be happy. I believe that everybody is able to live their life and to be themselves.

Q: Is it possible to be notified right when it’s released?

Yes, click on this link: and you will have saved the album in advance. Once it’s released, it’s all yours.


Soft rain and breeze had made a chill vibe and a cool temperature here in Bandung, especially in the venue of 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues. In its second episode, this event brought a love and a romantic themed concert.

Golden Memories stage had been presented by Indra Budiman and Friends. They served the audiences with a classic legendary song from Koes Plus, Louis Armstrong, Marshanda, etc which are very familiar for the more senior spectators. Indra Budiman as a guitarist and vocalist was accompanied by drums and bass player

Love blues songs from Yoga Ogoy are special not only because of its theme, but with an appearence from a blues guitarist from Indonesia’s well-known apple city, Malang. Always came with a big group on stage, Yoga Ogoy was accompanied by two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, that made a quintet on the stage

Myra Aya Sylvina ft. Alman Naufal Project had became the cloture of the night. Carried along the Indonesian Romantic Jazz Tribute, they had pulled out some of the legendary Indonesian songs such as ‘Meniti Pelangi’, ‘Tersiksa Lagi’, ‘Melayang’, ‘Prahara Cinta’, and ‘Menghujam Jantungku’. (link:  

Myra Aya Sylvina had also worked as a surgery-specialist doctor. In an exclusive interview recorded in a talk show of ‘ALMAN SHOW’ (link:, she shared some of the healthy life tips mentally and physically that’s divided into three-parts; self-management, life-balancing, and hygiene & consideration.

“As we know it, in February, it’s typically that love is in the air. So we move into a romantic themed concert, and we urge to spread a message; to love someone dearly, and also to love yourself. Gracefully, with the appreance of dr. Myra on the stage and ‘ALMAN SHOW’, we succeeded to fulfill our mission to give an alternative and an inspiration on how to take care of ourselves and always be healthy. Thank you very much for everybody that takes part on this encounter, see you on the next episode!”, said Alman Naufal (Executive Director).


New season had started on January  22nd , 2020 with a new concept and presentation. Legendary Indonesian jazz guitarist Mr. Donny Suhendra had gave us a splendid display of compositions, craftmanships and originality. Together with Alman Naufal Project that consists of Alman Naufal (drums), Balqi Lesmana (bass), YD Nafis (piano), they bring three of Mr. Donny Suhendra’s song called “Pagimu”, “Ten Spirits”, and “Water”. Deeply in style of Contemporary Jazz, they had also played one of the well-known tune from John Coltrane called “Moment’s Notice”.

This episode of 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues introduces two of its newest signature segments. “Indonesian Jazz Tribute” represents a legendary jazz vocal’s repertoires, sang in Bahasa Indonesia and “Jamming with Star” that allows the audiences to join on the stage to play together with the artists.

As the spectacle that values the “Synergistic Social Club”, the show brings you a lot of things to do in the venue. In the current episode you’re basicly able to enjoy a decent dinner with a special prices, consult and shop your beauty and skin care needs, join the quizzes/ games, taste a healthy exclusive alkaline water and make a new friend. As always, this jazz and blues music show and festival also had given a big number of door prizes to the spectators


Main Stage: Donny Suhendra ft. Alman Naufal Project

Rigorous technique, high level of flexibility, and flawless composure are the best terms that I could muster up to express the greatness of the jazz-guitar master Mr. Donny Suhendra. His original compositions own a sophisticated style of modern jazz, that brings multiple time-signature, various rhythm, rich interplays and tutti into one piece of spectacular tunes. To watch an unique arrangement presented on the stage is a pleasure for everyone in the concert. Everyone in this group had worked hard, that resulting to a powerful and dynamics display. Donny Suhendra ft. Alman Naufal Project had performed a full instrumental contemporary jazz spectacle.   

Indonesian Jazz Tribute: Pupung Faisal and Friends

Is there any correlation between an educational/teaching competence with singing/vocal ability? We’re not planning to conduct a scientific research here, but in fact this is our second time to having a university lecturer that also good at singing. Pupung Faisal filled this segment with number of classic Indonesian jazz delight, “Kau” by Gleen Fredly, “Esok Kan Masih Ada” by Utha Likumahuwa, “Masih Ada”, and “Tersiksa Lagi”. Also featured with Eric (saxophone) and Arif (guitar).

Blues Showcase: Yoga Ogoy and The Reefer Wild

Brimmed with passion, Yoga Ogoy had casted his own charm to entertain the spectator’s of the concert. Featured Azis of Time Bomb Blues. Catchy blues performance also completed by the appearence of three guitarists on stage.

Quizzes and Doorprizes Lot

Number of door prizes had been in the show for everyone who’s coming. Various product of EMINA is given and we still having it for the next episode. Bring your girlfriend or partner to win a lot of this beauty brand!

Jamming with Star: Donny Suhendra

The spectators had been given a chance to play with the artist! Many familiar and well-known figure joined in this occassion, also some of the popular name in music scene who joined on stage with our star last night.


Beauty Shop and Consultation: EMINA

Beauty needs efforts, and EMINA will support you effectively to establish that goal. A complete product line-up for your skincare and make-up to enhance your gorgeousness with a wise suggestion and help from your beauty advisor. We want you to love yourself, because you’re precious! EMINA born to be loved.

Dinner Package (Special Price): BP. Bumi Sangkuriang/ Concordia Hotel

Exclusive dish from your hotel’s chef with a promotional price. IDR 30k for all foods menu and starts from IDR 15K for the drinks. What a best deal to take! Enjoy your exclusive dinner in ours pleasant music concert, only for you.

Alkaline Water Tasting (Healthy Lifestyle): PERFECT Water      

Today is the best day to commence a healthy life-style. Posessed a pH’s level of 9 point, this water could help your body to regenerate more effectively. Enjoy this highest ranking in quality of drinking water for free only on 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues. Feel the sensation, and let’s choose a quality living.

UP NEXT! E2S2: Valentine Special: Love, L’amour, Cinta 

We will be having a “Valentine Special” episode next month (February 19th, 2020)! Make sure you’ve got a partner to come together with you, because a beauty shop, consultation and door prizes will still exist on the upcoming episode. Or, you could find one for yourself on the concert. Dress up ladies and gentleman! We will share a door prizes for the best dressed men and women! 


[BANDUNG, INDONESIA] Clear and windy evening in capital city of West Java must be a good time to go out to a park and spend the evening with friends or lovers. Kiara Artha Park, the whole new thematic park with a beautiful fountain in it, is open for public, and always packed with peoples. Here in this park, on 25th September 2019, a newly debuted group Alman Naufal Sweetjazz showcasing their music on MLD FOUNTAIN JAZZ. This event will be held monthly, so next month, you could see the performed band on 16th October 2019.
Alman Naufal Sweetjazz brings us a soft and a charming concept of jazz music along with an entertaining performance and a good vibe, which they had showed in its music arrangements and selected tunes. This group consists of, Alman Naufal (drums), Hera (vocal), Yopi (piano), and Kanggep (bass). You could see the clip of their appearence here ( [AN Highlight])

[BSJB EP. 3] Amazing Jazz Performances on The Special Stage of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues – Heavy Jazz Aggression!

Samuel A Budiono (Piano), Donny Suhendra (Guitar), Alman Naufal (Drums), Aries Ardiansyah (Bass)

[BANDUNG, 2019.03.11] I love Monday seems real after witnessing a good evening in National Cultural Heritage, BP. Bumi Sangkuriang. Rich in historical values, the venue offers a warm memories that will contained in our heart for a long time. In their first special episode, not only one but two guests stars were on the show! Mr. Samuel A. Budiono and Mr. Donny Suhendra were on a ‘Special Stage’ along with Alman Naufal and Aries Ardiansyah. Long time ago, we know that Mr. Samuel and Mr. Donny had been in the same group called D’Marszyo, then right now, they’ve reunited on the stage and brought us a very good music.

Interview with Mr. Samuel A. Budiono

Regarding to the interview on ‘Alman Show EP.2’ with Mr. Samuel A. Budiono (link: ), “D’Marszyo is obviously my very good time as a member, when i was still in Bandung and fun, Donny Suhendra is a very good friend and then with Uke, and at that time we actually tried to find a proggressive music, through that time we play also Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock whom at that time are very advance”, said the jazz pianist who’s also doing his career internationally and he’s also an accomplished architect.

On the stage, Samuel A Budiono (Piano), Donny Suhendra (Guitar), Alman Naufal (Drums), and Aries Ardiansyah (Bass) have been playing numbers of interesting jazz standards such as ‘Stella By Starlight’, ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’, ‘Maiden Voyage’, ‘Straight No Chaser’, ‘Spain’, and ‘Cantaloupe Island’. Also with a beautiful original composition of Mr. Samuel called ‘Saji Raga’. An amazing and satisfying jazz performances had been showcased, with a series of improvisation, rendition of the song, and interplays that we all really expect to see in a jazz concert. (Watch the video of their performances on YouTube! [link:])


Before that, we also had been given a blues music performances by Paper Cup, and Yoga Ogoy & Ali Ijun Band. Jazz and Bossa of duo Piano and Vocal concept had been performed by YD NAFIS/ MISTY NAFIS. In process for their upcoming single called ‘Kau Tak Sendiri’, they had played a good music with a good chemistry, that making a different vibe on the show

Yoga Ogoy & Ali Ijun Band

For furthermore info visit: @alman_naufal (Instagram), AN Entertainment ID (YouTube). Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues will be back with more of an interesting and your favorite artist and doorprize. Ultimately, we’ll see you on the next episode of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues on 24th April, 2019!               

Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues is a monthly Indonesian music show held on the Ballroom of the National’s cultural heritage, BP. Bumi Sangkuriang. Its premier episode settled on 2019, January 16th. The show is the first and currently the only Jazz and Blues music spectacle with doorprize and variety concept. The Host of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues is Alman Naufal and this show also aired on AN Entertainment’s YouTube channel as its first regular content.