Bandung was really chill and nice lately as raining season is underway. It will always be the best moment to enjoy our time outside and going somewhere to get some refreshment. Every industry on average had experienced some knack of recovery and people couldn’t wait to have more euphoria in a concert or any social activity. Along with the downtrend of pandemic outbreak, music scene has gotten more energy from its enthusiastic audiences; people had been waiting long enough for this redemption moment. And yes, we gradually back to normal, and social entertainment life had become so priceless, everybody cherishes it and partying more than ever before.

For instance in this so called flower city, Nara Park witnessed it all; it had been becoming home for Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) Road Show for several years and in 2022, it surely had its comeback on October 29th. We can’t be more grateful, and we can’t believe our eyes either; the amount of jubilation on scene was felt more lively which had been longed for a long time. The festive was real; we start with some community bands and then escalating to the most anticipated guest stars. This kind of concept might have been so familiar, but we love it somehow, we just miss this kind of thrilling spectacle so much. Anyway, we will only cover some highlight of the main acts and spotlights which had given so much impression and memory for the spectators, let’s get started.

Firstly, we had the supreme jazz artist Mr. Sri Hanuraga. All of the electrifying stuff had been presented after 7PM. He was accompanied by Alman Naufal on Drums and Hansen on Electric Bass. Presenting three compositions, this set of performance was full of dynamic and intensity. Frankly-speaking, it was satisfying, the word “dynamic and intensity” might not being enough to describe it; it was way more than that. The opening song is called “Hyperreality” which has set us to an imaginative journey to discover a musical fantasy in a heart thumping emotion. The song itself presented a mysterious adventure through challenges, turmoil and space. And definitely, we found a signature progressive improvisation by Sri Hanuraga. He showed a spectacular craftsmanship and magnificent control to play a highly sophisticated performance. Meanwhile, the rhythm section keeps the execution on track by showcasing a rigorous effort of times-keeping. Also, the interplay was massive and have gone really unimaginably far and beyond; not only in this song but in every corner of the performance. The team just simply had it all, storytelling, exploration, risk-taking on time division and harmony interpretation. As well as in the third song called “Yestoday” this had been written by Sri Hanuraga’s disciple, Audi Nathania; we got a mesmerizing drum solo by Alman Naufal. He really couldn’t stop to make us surprised. The vamped drum solo in this tune did match with Alman Naufal’s fluid style of drumming. He presented the solo with a portion of poly-metric and really did embrace a lot of colors; he knows how to escalate the emotion proportionally and being highly responsive in a spontaneous situation. Hansen also did a very good job by keeping the theme, part, and flowing on its place. This Sri Hanuraga, Alman Naufal, and Hansen playing is best for you who loves an exploration and highly intense jazz music that is very tight plus very emotionally satisfying. Even though we are already familiar with Sri Hanuraga and Alman Naufal way of presenting jazz music, but there is always a novelty and surprise in each and every of their live appearance.

Furthermore, we also got a breeze of dynamic in a song called “23-10” with an addition of the legendary ITBJazz drummer Shallom and the bassist KJ who are also featured with the star by playing two tunes which were consisting of “Chytania” and “Alchemy”.                 

Certainly, the Jazzversity initiative was a very big and visionary move. “We want to expand jazz music by giving an access to young and talented jazz musician to his senior and mega star in jazz scenes nowadays; so they can experience and learn directly from their predecessor in an educational and/or professional setting”, said Anbiya Nawfal, the founder of Jazzversity. “This new initiation could bring so much positive impact in our jazz scene. Knowing that this action will lead to a massive development in jazz music quality as we in contact directly with our role model and giving the young one to keep advancing and keep up with the most updated skillset and attitude in jazz music; our vision of better and progressive future in jazz music scene is well secured”, said Alman Naufal.

Afterward, we also had Endah N Resha on stage that is being very familiar for not only theirs own fans but also the participants in their weekly community schedule of song-writing master class. As usual this husband and wife are showcasing a magnificent showmanship and entertainment.

Ultimately, it’s been long that we miss this kind of refreshing and joyful vibe, we really has treasured it deep in our heart; this hope of tomorrow and desired positive future state is what have kept us alive. “Keep that dream and vision alive, so that we know our goal which will constantly give immense spirit and endurance to keep moving forward for our future in a valuable manner”, said Alman Naufal as he concluded.     


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