The hallmark of jazz music performance is “jam session”. Every Wednesday night at “City Terrace Bar de Braga by ARTOTEL”, each other can be joint on stage of “The Art of Jazz”.

It took place at terrace of the well-known braga street with its magnificent ambience which attracts many tourists to enjoy quality food and beverage.

The café itself is a rendez-vous for many occasion, it was a nice place for romantic date night to a serious bussiness meeting. It also functions as a lobby for hotel’s guests. The venue itself always packed with a lot of jazz-lovers when the event is held, community gets a chance to relax or even participate in an open jam session.  Not only that we could benefit in a musical engagement, the jazz showcase often offers many special dinner package exclusively in a regular basis.

As it was held regularly every Wednesday since its premier episode in July 6th, 2022; the regular jazz music will soon come to its ninth episode. Each live jazz music episode is always featured by an open jam session.

Rhythm section in “The Art of Jazz” consists of Alman Naufal on drums, Balqi Lesmana on electric bass, Kanggep Kusuma on electric guitar and Boyke Priyo Utomo on Saxophone.

Meanwhile, numbers of jazz standards repertoire were presented based on the jazz legacy’s of Real Book. They have gone with more variation of rearrangement in their personalized jazz rhythm which brings us to more contemporary approach of modern concept improvisation.

Poly-tonalities and poly-rhythms were a common spectacle in this occation. They had showed us an insane spotaneous craftmanship which is interesting for beginner musician to take a lesson from.  As more rookies were present in the venue, they are also able to participate on stage in the second session, visitors are welcome to subtitute the home band musician position in an instruments and/or vocal.   

Playing music was always fun when we get to share it with others. Interplaying, sharing, and bouncing ideas off of each other also indicate the essence of jazz music.

Jam session with Rio Sidik

Recently, we had a professional renowned jazz musician Rio Sidik in a jam session scene. He eventually joined right after the commencement of third song in the first session. The way he plays his melody and tune were the main spotlight that entices its spectators.  

He had this powerful characteristic that helps him flow attractively through the music; the notes were presented accurately which are loved and it had invited a round of applause from the audiences.  

Par consequence, his style of playing changes the whole atmosphere in this venue. As the result, the rhythm sections were changed dramatically to compensate its smooth yet deep connection into his wonderful trumpet-playing.   

His unpredictable appearance on stage gets massive attention from our dear guests. Serendipitous encounter in this turn of event gives him the spotlight he deserves.

Jam session with Yuke Sampurna

Not only a beautiful-playing trumpeter, we also had a ferocious national bassist “Yuke Sampurna” that steals a lot of attention by making himself so naturally into a high demand to be asked for photo together with him.

Yuke played progressively into funky-jazz style. His passionate and powerful upbringing had lived up the stage and hyped-up the audiences.

Not only the renowned indonesian-artists, we also allowed many local musicians and jazz-rookies to participate in the jam session.

Jam session has been becoming one of the greatest attraction for the venue. As Braga street is widely known for its charm to be visited by celebrity and international tourist; they would love to join on stage to play number of repertoires which instantly become an attraction of spontaneity. This occation also allows jazz player to come together, get to know each other, and learn from one another. In general, ‘The Art of  Jazz’ brings an idea to let anyone having a chance to improvise on stage. We love sharing music with fellow musicians and making social interaction in a musical setting.

If you love jazz music and its culture, you may find it every Wednesday evening in the “City Terrace Bar of de Braga hotel by ARTOTEL”, at 8PM-11PM.

We could find a presentation of jazz music which is rich of improvisation and open for a jam session. Then, you may satisfy your appetite by getting yourself a specialities of gastronomy in this café.   

Dear jazz-lovers, we are looking forward to meet you in this magnificent jazz scene! It is currently one of the great choice to enjoy attraction of jazz music in Bandung city, capital of West Java, Indonesia! We hope to see you soon!