Survey – Is the One God a person?

We have received some responses from our short survey.
The question was, “Is the One God who is a unity of three persons also a person himself? That is, will we see the one in three god in heaven when we get there? Does this triune god have the throne of his own besides that of the Father and of the Son?”
The responses are very conflicting and confusing. Please consider them for yourself.

  1. A pastor said yes, the three persons make up one person. Asked to clarify how, the pastor has not come back to us yet.
  2. A theologian said, they do not make one person, it is impossible to make one person from three persons. The Father is the unity of the trinity, and He is the One God. That raises many questions. If the Father is the One God, where is the triune God? How can the Father be a unity of himself and two others, to make one, if he is already the one?
  3. Another person whose title is unknown said that the three persons of the trinity do not form one person. They are One God only in terms of having one purpose.
  4. From our previous experiences, we have heard some say the One God of the Bible is the Godhead, i.e. just a divinity or deity, without further clarity on what that is?
  5. Another theologian said that the One God who is a unity of three persons is not material or physical. That means the One God is an abstraction. In other words, he is a theory, or a concept in the minds of those who believe in him. We question. The Bible refers to the One God as “He” and he speaks. How can an abstraction, a theory or a concept in the mind be referred to as He? Does a concept speak?
  6. Another person said the One God is a mystery, thus leaving the One God undefined. Sounds like a quick way for human wisdom to escape accountability for the confusion that human wisdom has created (akin to pleading insanity in court). We raise an issue with this unexplained mystery of human wisdom. The trinity doctrine, that is put together by human minds gives us the triune God. Thus, those who made the trinity doctrine must be able to explain it. In other words, we are not questioning the Bible, but the trinity doctrine, because the trinity doctrine is a product of human wisdom.
    I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a lot of confusion. It seems there is no one with a clear understanding of what this human creation called the triune god is? To those who say it is a mystery we question. Why should human wisdom create a doctrine which it cannot explain and cannot understand? Is that not a reason to discard the doctrine and return to that only which the Bible says, that the is One God, the Father, who has Only One begotten Son. The One God, the Father has and is also a Spirit? No three equal persons making up confusion?

The Rock Fortress Ministries.

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