Kilburn House Explosion Fundraising.


(Adelaide, SA). Explosion in Kilburn Home leaves family of 11 without home and in need of support with young mother critically burned in coma in hospital!

The families of Roahullah Agha and Sadiq Agha experienced an unfortunate and devastating tragedy in the early hours of Sunday morning. An accident believed to have been caused by a gas explosion in the kitchen of the family home has destroyed the family home and left all members severely traumatised.
The occupants comprised of an elderly mother, the mentioned sons, an adult daughter, 2 daughter in laws and 6 grandchildren, aged between 1 and 6.
The fire has left a 23yr old mother of four of the children with severe burns to her entire body. She is currently in a coma in ICU at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Her husband, four children and remaining family members were thankfully able to escape the fire Alhamdulillah.
The entire home has been destroyed. All of the families belongings are burnt. They left with literally the clothes on their backs and very few items in their hands. They are currently moving from home to home and will be provided temporary accommodation shortly.
We are doing our best to assist the family and help to ease their trauma in this difficult time.
A GoFundMe page has been set up for this family to help them to eventually rebuild their lives.
We kindly request anyone willing to provide financial assistance, to please donate generously. The family is very humble and do not want anybody to trouble themselves, just asking for du’aa (prayer) but I’m sure we can all imagine how much will be needed to rebuild and support the young family and children in this extremely difficult time inshaAllah.

May AllahSWT multiply and reward your generosity.

Please remember the family in your du’aa during this blessed month of Ramadan, especially for the young mother in ICU.

Praying for health, healing and peace for this family. ❤️

This story was collected and written in correspondence with the Agha family by Sister Zarpana – May Allah reward her.

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