“Indonesian Student Association at University of Washington” Event 2022

Repost from Indonesians Students Associationat University of Washington (ISAUW) | It’s been three years too long since the last Keraton Festival.

On MAY 7, we welcome you back to the biggest Indonesian Festival on the West Coast with a SPECIAL PERFORMANCE BY dhruv!

Dive in to this year’s Keraton as we will explore the theme of Classic Indonesian films and music delivered by our amazing performers🥳

On top of that, there will be delicious authentic Indonesian foods served from unique vendors from around Seattle🤤 and tons of mini-games to play🕹

📍: RAINIER VISTA | University of Washington, Seattle Campus
🕒 : Saturday, May 7 | 4 – 9 PM

We can’t wait to see y’all there! @isauwhuskies

How about trinitarian theologians?

I am often not academic at all when it comes to theology, though I am sometimes accused of being so. The reason is that I wonder whether academic theologians have not caused more harm than good. It seems to me that believers would get much closer to the truth if they read the Bible for themselves in simple terms and accepting the most abundant evidence of it as established truth on any topic.

I wonder about the academics because it was so at the time of Christ that the academics teamed with church leaders and the conservatives (Pharisees) to confuse Jews about Christ, even when simple Romans could easily sense that there was more to Christ than simply another man. And when I listen to trinitarian academics, they sometimes sound like political spin doctors. It is like listening to Jane Psaki. So, in my discussions with trinitarians, I spend time pointing out ‘how they are thinking’ because they need a paradigm shift. When I do that, some get offended, because I prove that the thinking is wrong. That sounds to many like I am ridiculing, which I am not trying to do.

Here is how. As you stated trinitarian thinking was born out of the urge to reconcile a myriad of otherwise conflicting understandings of deity. Thus, to date the trinitarian spirit is still in that mode.

Three points here.

  1. Trinitarian thinking makes it necessary to construct and live with contradicting positions which are of man’s own making. It is one thing to live with apparently contradicting points that the Bible gives you. It is totally another thing to live with contradicting points that human thinking has given you. You know what I am talking about. Ask a trinitarian theologian to describe the One God of the Bible. Almost invariably, they go through the same steps. A. Prove that the Father is God, B. Prove that the Son is God, C. Prove that the Spirit is God. (Oops, that’s three gods, what’s the solution) D. Prove philosophically that three is equal to one. One theologian even said, one and three should not be looked at mathematically. How can one and three placed in an equation (1+1+1=1) be not a mathematical expression, albeit a flawed one? Numbers are mathematical and if the doctrine does not need numbers, then it should not include numbers. The contradiction there cannot be resolved, people learn to live with it and explain it away as mystery. To resolve that contradiction means discarding the whole teaching and that has huge implications for the church.
  • Trinitarian thinking tries hard to read between the lines of biblical texts, just the same way political commentators can spend hours discussing one short phrase from a politician’s speech. Take the phrase “let us make man in our own image, after our likeness”. From this, and through a long winding process, is built the idea that God was trying to say, “we are three in one here so we are speaking in plural terms”. Yet, it is never so that when one says “us” and “our” those pronouns say anything about the nature of the one speaking nor of those spoken to. Neither does it say anything about the number of persons involved. The number of assumptions/speculations that one has to make to move from “let us…our” to “we are three in one” is beyond logic. It is like saying, “Hmm, God is trying to say something here, lets see, aaah, yes now we have figured it out. He did not say it in words, but we have found what he was thinking”.

  • Trinitarian thinking requires peeping into those things that are naturally beyond human comprehension. This contradiction in trinitarian thinking is one of the most intriguing. Trinitarian thinking will say things like, “no one can understand God”, and “God is a mystery”. Then immediately after that, trinitarian thinking makes a checklist of what makes the an entity God (he is worshipped, omniscient, omnipresent, involved in salvation, uses personal pronoun, is blasphemed, etc.) So they look at the Son and go tick, tick, tick, yep, the Son is God. The same thing with the Spirit, tick, tick, tick, yep the Spirit is God. But to produce a checklist of the attributes of God requires that you have prior knowledge of what God is, which very thing you say you do not know and don’t understand. Isn’t God simply declared to be God without any qualification that the human mind can checklist?

Not to mention eternal generation and eternal procession, and how God’s existence is speculated on by the idea of an eternity that is based on time as we know it. Completely beyond human comprehension.

So I think because of lack of academic rigor and honesty, the trinitarian academics do a huge disfavour to themselves and to the field of theology. I cover this in the article “Deconstructing the three-in-one god thought process”. I will cover some of these in the upcoming article “A evaluation of Gerhadt Pfandll’s article “The Trinity”.

So, for those of us who have seen and experienced the paradigm shift, our shift has to be complete. For example, we cannot continue to conceptualise eternity in the philosophical way it is conceptualised in trinitarian thinking. Neither should we try to construct and live with contradicting positions of our own making, no speculate on that which is not a “Thus saith the Lord”.

That’s my point.

God’s blessings,


Survey – Is the One God a person?

We have received some responses from our short survey.
The question was, “Is the One God who is a unity of three persons also a person himself? That is, will we see the one in three god in heaven when we get there? Does this triune god have the throne of his own besides that of the Father and of the Son?”
The responses are very conflicting and confusing. Please consider them for yourself.

  1. A pastor said yes, the three persons make up one person. Asked to clarify how, the pastor has not come back to us yet.
  2. A theologian said, they do not make one person, it is impossible to make one person from three persons. The Father is the unity of the trinity, and He is the One God. That raises many questions. If the Father is the One God, where is the triune God? How can the Father be a unity of himself and two others, to make one, if he is already the one?
  3. Another person whose title is unknown said that the three persons of the trinity do not form one person. They are One God only in terms of having one purpose.
  4. From our previous experiences, we have heard some say the One God of the Bible is the Godhead, i.e. just a divinity or deity, without further clarity on what that is?
  5. Another theologian said that the One God who is a unity of three persons is not material or physical. That means the One God is an abstraction. In other words, he is a theory, or a concept in the minds of those who believe in him. We question. The Bible refers to the One God as “He” and he speaks. How can an abstraction, a theory or a concept in the mind be referred to as He? Does a concept speak?
  6. Another person said the One God is a mystery, thus leaving the One God undefined. Sounds like a quick way for human wisdom to escape accountability for the confusion that human wisdom has created (akin to pleading insanity in court). We raise an issue with this unexplained mystery of human wisdom. The trinity doctrine, that is put together by human minds gives us the triune God. Thus, those who made the trinity doctrine must be able to explain it. In other words, we are not questioning the Bible, but the trinity doctrine, because the trinity doctrine is a product of human wisdom.
    I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a lot of confusion. It seems there is no one with a clear understanding of what this human creation called the triune god is? To those who say it is a mystery we question. Why should human wisdom create a doctrine which it cannot explain and cannot understand? Is that not a reason to discard the doctrine and return to that only which the Bible says, that the is One God, the Father, who has Only One begotten Son. The One God, the Father has and is also a Spirit? No three equal persons making up confusion?

The Rock Fortress Ministries.

Peraturan terbaru kunjungan ke Australia.

Saat ini merupakan waktu yang tepat bagi anda yang ingin berkunjung ke Australia. Perubahan peraturan pemerintah Australia terkait penanganan Covid-19 di dalam negeri, berdampak juga kepada bidang keimigrasian negara tersebut.

Mulai hari ini, 18 April 2022, para turis atau warga luar Australia yang ingin mengunjungi Australia tidak perlu menunjukkan bukti test covid negative untuk keluar dan masuk Australia. Pemerintah Australia hanya memerlukan bukti vaksin (2 doses of vaccines), dan menggunakan masker saat kedatangan dan selama perjalanan di pesawat.

Perlu diperhatikan dan diikuti juga peraturan dari maskapai penerbangan dan negara transit yang digunakan dalam melakukan perjalanan.

Informasi lebih detail: Klik link ini

So, bagi rekan-rekan yang sudah lama ingin berkunjung ke Australia, inilah saat yang tepat untuk datang den mengunjungi sanak saudara di Negeri Kanguru.

Kilburn House Explosion Fundraising.


(Adelaide, SA). Explosion in Kilburn Home leaves family of 11 without home and in need of support with young mother critically burned in coma in hospital!

The families of Roahullah Agha and Sadiq Agha experienced an unfortunate and devastating tragedy in the early hours of Sunday morning. An accident believed to have been caused by a gas explosion in the kitchen of the family home has destroyed the family home and left all members severely traumatised.
The occupants comprised of an elderly mother, the mentioned sons, an adult daughter, 2 daughter in laws and 6 grandchildren, aged between 1 and 6.
The fire has left a 23yr old mother of four of the children with severe burns to her entire body. She is currently in a coma in ICU at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Her husband, four children and remaining family members were thankfully able to escape the fire Alhamdulillah.
The entire home has been destroyed. All of the families belongings are burnt. They left with literally the clothes on their backs and very few items in their hands. They are currently moving from home to home and will be provided temporary accommodation shortly.
We are doing our best to assist the family and help to ease their trauma in this difficult time.
A GoFundMe page has been set up for this family to help them to eventually rebuild their lives.
We kindly request anyone willing to provide financial assistance, to please donate generously. The family is very humble and do not want anybody to trouble themselves, just asking for du’aa (prayer) but I’m sure we can all imagine how much will be needed to rebuild and support the young family and children in this extremely difficult time inshaAllah.

May AllahSWT multiply and reward your generosity.

Please remember the family in your du’aa during this blessed month of Ramadan, especially for the young mother in ICU.

Praying for health, healing and peace for this family. ❤️

This story was collected and written in correspondence with the Agha family by Sister Zarpana – May Allah reward her.


Pelaksanaan Proyek Lansia “Menua Sejahtera” Bagi WNI di South Australia.

Pemerintah Australia Selatan menyediakan berbagai akses dan fasilitas bagi para warganya, dimana fasilitas-fasilitas ini bisa sangat membantu bagi beberapa pihak yang memang sangat membutuhkan. Diantara berbagai fasilitas yang disediakan, masih ada beberapa yang belum bisa diakses atau bahkan diketahui oleh umum.

Salah satu diantaranya adalah fasilitas penyediaan dana pensiun dan warga lanjut usia (lansia) dari pemerintah Australia Selatan yang bisa dimanfaatkan oleh para warga .. Padahal, fasilitas ini bisa sangat membantu para manula yang tinggal di Australia Selatan, seperti misalnya pemberian dana pensiun, age care, retirement house, funeral, dsb.

Berlatar belakang hal itu, maka para ketua dari Komunitas Indonesia di Australia Selatan berkumpul dan berdiskusi untuk membahas hal ini, serta membentuk kepanitiaan atau komite untuk membantu secara sukarela dalam menyebarkan informasi ini. Nantinya, diharapkan dengan adanya informasi yang jelas tentang fasilitas dana pensiun dari pemerintah Australia Selatan, para Warga Indonesia yang menetap atau berencana untuk menghabiskan masa tuanya di Australia, khususnya Australia Selatan, dapat menggunakan fasilitas ini secara cuma-cuma.

Acara diskusi diadakan pada hari Minggu, tanggal 10 April 2022 di kediaman Bapak Suharto di Adelaide. Sambil diselingi acara berbuka puasa, adapun acara diskusi berkaitan dengan pembahasan materi project diantaranya penjelasan tentang latar belakang project, relevansi, strategi serta langkah lanjut yang akan dilakukan dalam konteks komunitas Indonesia di Adelaide.

Dari hasil rapat, para anggota yang hadir setuju untuk menunjuk Bapak Suharto sebagai koordinator yang akan khusus menangani hal ini, dibantu oleh Bapak Ferry Chandra. Selain itu, perwakilan komunitas Indonesia setuju untuk mengirimkan 4 orang perwakilan dari setiap komunitas untuk mengikuti pelatihan yang diadakan oleh pemerintah Australia Selatan.

Bagi para warga Indonesia di Adelaide yang berkeinginan untuk berpartisipasi dan berkontribusi dalam kegiatan ini, dapat menghubungi para ketua Komunitas, atau silahkan menghubungi kami melalui email: iroquistore@gmail.com

Para ketua komunitas Indonesia serta pelaku kesehatan di South Australia.