The event Inspyro Make a Move held by Inspyro Moves, happening on 5 & 6 June 2021, has been a memorable journey for all the dancers, crews, and audiences. The first collaboration between drummer Alman Naufal and three dancers followed by a vibrant duet from Jessica Christina and Arif Surahman, in collaboration with guitarist Kanggep A. Kusuma and saxophonist Billy, brought audiences’ excitement to another level.

The audiences were also amazed by the second segment which consisted of three awe-inspiring dance artworks ‘The Missing Souls’, ‘State of Uncertainty’, and ‘PERSEVERE’ created by rising choreographers from Inspyro Moves. The choreographers’ talk also went beyond expectation as the audiences got their questions answered amazingly by three young & talented generations Clara Neisha, Abdul Hadi, and Laurine Oscarina.

Finally, the final performance from UP – Close 2021 Dancers gave the audiences a different approach to dance through the Jazz Fusion choreography by Arif Surahman. The energy didn’t stop as all dancers who attended the show turned themselves in the jamming session that was led by musicians Kanggep A. Kusuma (guitar), Alman Naufal (drum), and Billy (saxophone).

What a night to remember! This whole event has also become a milestone for Inspyro Moves to always keep their passion alive and their spirit on fire. “I’m very excited for what’s coming. This event and the process behind it have pushed me to unleash more of my potential and have inspired me to always do my best in whatever situation I am in”, said one of the dancers of Inspyro Make a Moves.

To see a glimpse of the event:

Inspyro Moves, established in 2015 by Jessica Christina, is a platform that aims to grow the Contemporary Dance community in Indonesia as well as to equip local dancers in achieving greater heights in their dancing by giving them opportunity, knowledge, and experience from various workshops and events.

In addition, the team hopes to encourage the society to appreciate and celebrate this art form, Contemporary Dance. Even though the pandemic is not over yet, Inspyro Moves will continue to carry out the vision by creating innovative dance programs so that Indonesian dance scene will keep on improving. Connect with them to know more about contemporary dance and their work : Instagram : @inspyro_moves,  Youtube Channel : Inspyro Moves.