Pandemic has affected the world of arts in so many ways and dancers have felt the significant impacts & changes on how they practice, how they choreograph, and how they perform. Instead of staying quiet, the dance studio Inspyro Moves keeps on trying to create opportunities for dancers to equip and improve. “This is not the time to give up. This is the time to dream big, to acknowledge the truth, and to come up with a plan.”, said Jessica Christina, the founder of Inspyro Moves, thinking that one of the most important things to do is to move forward and keep dance alive.

Jessica herself has created a platform RE – work for rising choreographers (students of Inspyro Moves) to explore their creativity, technique, vocabulary, and knowledge in Contemporary Dance while practicing their abilities to create an artwork. In the process, the choreographers get a conducive space to reconstruct a dance piece they have created before, as well as to make progress through changes and adjustments needed for the item. This year, Jessica has three young and talented choreographers in this program and one of them is still 12 years old.

Besides, an annual dance program, UP – CLOSE Dance Intensive, has been designed to facilitate dancers in a specific genre through a 5 – day intensive training. This year, Inspyro Moves longs to elevate the Jazz Fusion dance scene in Bandung and has invited a well – known choreographer Arif Surahman to train the chosen dancers with physical exercises, technique drills, and explorations that will be wrapped in a form of choreography.

As we all know, the pandemics have forced people to think outside the box, to imagine their world anew. How can dance emerge fresh? “Collaboration! We can’t do things alone. If we want to go far, we have to go together. We need others in everything. To overcome this season, it is obvious that we have to go together”, said Jessica. Inspyro Moves has also been eager to bring dance to another level by doing collaboration projects with different Indonesian artists from Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and Bandung. The team finally came to a question “What’s dance without good music?” as mentioned by Inspyro Moves Art Director Salvius Alvin at one of their meetings, which leads them to the idea of collaborating with musicians Kanggep A. Kusuma, Alman Naufal, and Billy.

All things brought up above will be presented on INSPYRO MAKE A MOVE, happening on 5 & 6 June at Inspyro Moves (Jalan Kresna No. 52, Bandung, Indonesia). This event is a celebration of what Inspyro Moves has been doing in the middle of a pandemic. The show will kick off with a performance from Alman with three movers, followed by a dance duet from Jessica Christina and Arif Surahman, in collaboration with Kanggep (guitar) and Billy (saxophone). The other segments of the event will be amazing performances from RE – work and UP – CLOSE Dance Intensive 2021.