The jazz drummer and song writer Alman Naufal elevates a special vibes on his recent comeback promotion. It’s all started with his first ever release ‘The Initiative’ on July 7th, 2020 and now his comeback with ‘ENTITY’ on March 31st, 2021 at 12PM is also going to be a whole straight forward instrumental jazz trio consist of drums, bass and guitar. We might expect more solos and intense interplays as we’ve seen in the album highlight medley which has been released in last Friday, but it seems that there will be always even more to come as Alman Naufal said about his music and upcoming release, “In making music we believe in a consistent improvement, improvisation, and freedom of self-expression. We will always deliver the most recent and innovative musicianship in a platform of rich harmonic, and rhythmic movements. We aim to achieve a creation of deep and heavy-meditative music through a contrast musical narration of laid-back jazz rhythms and straight-forward melody which is very challenging, but emotionally rewarding. It involves every spectrum of dynamics and syncopations in the making of our sensitive, perceptive and highly responsive music”. His contrast style of jazz presentation is an interesting highlight to anticipate in this album, the musical narration itself will bring us to particular breath taking adventures of tension and release. For furthermore information let’s take a look to the following interview.   

Q: How are you? What are you feeling right now? What do you think about these pandemic times? Is there any message you want to express to your listeners?

Alman Naufal: I’m great thank you! We are feeling grateful right now that we are able to safely deliver our feelings through our music in the middle of this global predicament and in this particularly hard time, we want to support, accompany, and remind our listeners that in every storm, we are one step away to be in a clear and bright sunny days. Even though the world have fallen into a pandemic state, if you and I unite, to gather our heart towards our dream and vision for the sake of humanity, together we can do anything, nothing can stop us to keep going. You will never be alone; together with us, you will always find friends who are not going to give up. Keep moving toward your goal! No matter where you are, stay safe, stay healthy!

Q: Why it has to be ENTITY?

Alman Naufal: Our existence as a unique individual attracts people that have a similar vision and passion with us. This natural force brings us a realization that in every experience we’ve had, in every person we’ve met; it becomes us, it becomes ENTITY, and it brings us to our choices. We believe in a consistent improvement, improvisation, and freedom of self-expression. We’re value driven, and by this album we want to present a bonded-strength of interplay together with a passionate self-expression through improvisation as one, as an ENTITY.

Q: What do you think about your fellow members?

Alman Naufal: They’re very skillful and competent. They could do anything, and give a solid jazz feeling into the music. The process itself become so smooth with them, we exchange a lot of personal statement in our playing, but we still make it harmonious and synergizing, we stick to our core value to facilitate freedom of expression and mutual respect to produce a whole new unique composition. And then, Mr. Kanggep Kusuma had his own style of song interpretation. The mixed of polyrhythms and suggestive-playing style which he brings to the compositions had established a special harmonious sounds- the one of a kind. You won’t encounter many players who play like this. It was unique yet challenging; he brings everything in a whole new level of interplays. As for Mr. Balqi Lesmana, he is a magnificent groove and times keeper. We do exchange a lot of fills and rhythmic-modulations, and then in every time I play with him- in every flow we made, it feels magical. He supports and compensates everyone in the band which produced an unbelievably beautiful music.

Q: Are there any particular messages you want to convey to your listeners with the album?

Alman Naufal: Dear listeners, I want to convince you that you are special, you are unique, you are one of a kind, take a good care of yourself, and the world will take care of the rests. As an ‘ENTITY’, you are able to surround yourself with everything and every people you love, do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, think what you want to think; because it’s all about you, it’s your journey, it’s your story. ‘ENTITY’ is all about uniqueness and how we could achieve amazing, special things as a group when all of its members are confidence in their own skin; to have courage and freedom to express their true self.

Q: What are your upcoming plans for the rests of 2021?

Alman Naufal: We will work hard to come back with a new special jazz album very soon! Please look forward into it!

This interview was arranged by AN ENTERTAINMENT, 2021.03.27, 4PM.