Deconstructing the trinitarian thought process

During the journey of discovering the errors in the three-in-one god doctrine, you may come across many books and materials which try to explain the three-in-one (3-in-1) god. The same happened to us. Many brothers, when we questioned the obvious errors of the 3-in-1 god doctrine, referred us to some books. It is thought that such books make clear the 3-in-1 god doctrine. There are so many of these books out there. For example, we came across a book titled “The Trinity: What Has God Revealed” by Glyn Parfitt. When we read the book, we immediately saw the same errors as all the other trinitarian writings. Except that in this book, the errors were nicely packaged into one large book. Despite its huge volume, and our time-poor life, we have always wanted to explain why we see errors in this book and in the trinitarian thought process itself.

After thinking for some time about how to explain the errors, we decided it was better not to produce many pages tackling verse by verse and point by point, even though we could. If we did that, we would be explaining the same underlying errors across many of the different points that allegedly explain the three-in-one god. For example, as we will show in this writing, the error made in using Matthew 28:19 to construct the 3-in-1 god doctrine is the same error made in many other verses including Acts 5:4, 2 Corinthians 13:14 and 1 John 5:7.

Therefore, we thought the most effective way to help the authors of such books and those who refer to the books as trusted sources of doctrine, is to plead with them to reflect on how trinitarian interpretation works. In this writing we focus on the trinitarian interpretation of the Bible. God willing, in a future writing, we will explain the three-in-one god errors based on Ellen G. White’s writings. For a primer on our view of what EGW wrote, we refer you to our critique of George R Knight’s article, “Adventist and change”. You can find this article titled “A Critique of George R. Knight’s article Adventist and Change” freely available online.

And so here is the reflection on the trinitarian thought process as it navigates verses to formulate the three-in-one god doctrine. We pray that you will not find this writing to be adversarial, but rather that it will be an eye opener to you, or at least lead you to make an honest search for yourself, with no dependence on the church doctrinal statements, but more importantly, a simple “Thus saith the Lord”.

The Rock Fortress Ministries

September 2020

Penting – Track record perjalanan anda terkait outbreak Covid-19 terbaru di Adelaide, South Australia.

Terkait munculnya kasus baru Covid-19 di Adelaide, Saa pda hari Minggu, 15 November 2020, Prosedur karantina dan swab test telah dirilis oleh salah satu perusahaan produk daging terbesar di South Australia, Thomas Foods International. Hal ini dilakukan agar wabah tidak menyebar dengan cepat.

Government of South Australia segera melakukan tracing mengenai pola perjalanan virus ini dari awal agar tidak menyebar luas.

Bagi anda yang mengunjungi lokasi di Adelaide, SA, pada waktu tertentu yang tertera pada gambar dibawah ini, diharapkan sedini mungkin untuk melakukan rapid test dan melakukan lapor diri kepada pihak terkait.