If you’re kind of person who like to be relaxed and confidence, this upcoming music might be for you. We will expect new mainstream jazz album from an energetic jazz drummer and song-writer, Alman Naufal. To know why it will get along with a cool person like you, we have interviewed him on July, 2nd.

“I believe that music is a lifestyle. It defines you, it brings you to a person you’ll meet, a friend you’ll have and a mood you’ll employ”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: What’s your motivation in making music?

We believe in helping people to be relaxed, confidence and to enjoy their life.

Q: How could this music help our life?

This music has a unique function to help us relax and focus. In a nice setting, it will be able to establish an elegant ambience and vibe which will unconsciously give us a boost on our self-esteem. All come from the unique, dynamic chord changes, and cool rhythms.

“I’m grateful to be able to work with Mr. Kanggep Kusuma, my own father on guitar. Together, we can achieve something unthinkable. He could perfectly execute anything harmoniously and in a beautiful way”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: Why are you choosing jazz-mainstream concept on your music?

Because it’s entertaining, we all know very well that this style presents a clear jazz musical form from the theme to improvisation. So the listeners could understand it easily, and be fascinated by the unpredictability which is presented by the player’s improvisation.

Q:  What jazz-fans could expect from this release?

You could anticipate a catchy theme and improvisation from each instrument. It will give you clearer idea in what’s going on in every player, because we had made it in jazz trio concept which provides us with a lot of space to interplay and express ourselves.

“Mr. Balqi Lesmana is an established bass player. It’s such an honor to be able to work with him. He’s so skillful, it’s not easy to find a partner that makes you able to play freely and confidently”, said Alman Naufal.

Q: What is a unique factor that differentiates this jazz album?

Each player contributes to the uniqueness of this release. It has some sense of simplicity that helps audience to enjoy the music.

Q: What impacts do you want to give to your listeners?

I believe that everybody deserves to be happy. I believe that everybody is able to live their life and to be themselves.

Q: Is it possible to be notified right when it’s released?

Yes, click on this link: https://unitedmasters.com/m/almannaufal-ti and you will have saved the album in advance. Once it’s released, it’s all yours.

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