Soft rain and breeze had made a chill vibe and a cool temperature here in Bandung, especially in the venue of 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues. In its second episode, this event brought a love and a romantic themed concert.

Golden Memories stage had been presented by Indra Budiman and Friends. They served the audiences with a classic legendary song from Koes Plus, Louis Armstrong, Marshanda, etc which are very familiar for the more senior spectators. Indra Budiman as a guitarist and vocalist was accompanied by drums and bass player

Love blues songs from Yoga Ogoy are special not only because of its theme, but with an appearence from a blues guitarist from Indonesia’s well-known apple city, Malang. Always came with a big group on stage, Yoga Ogoy was accompanied by two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer, that made a quintet on the stage

Myra Aya Sylvina ft. Alman Naufal Project had became the cloture of the night. Carried along the Indonesian Romantic Jazz Tribute, they had pulled out some of the legendary Indonesian songs such as ‘Meniti Pelangi’, ‘Tersiksa Lagi’, ‘Melayang’, ‘Prahara Cinta’, and ‘Menghujam Jantungku’. (link:  

Myra Aya Sylvina had also worked as a surgery-specialist doctor. In an exclusive interview recorded in a talk show of ‘ALMAN SHOW’ (link:, she shared some of the healthy life tips mentally and physically that’s divided into three-parts; self-management, life-balancing, and hygiene & consideration.

“As we know it, in February, it’s typically that love is in the air. So we move into a romantic themed concert, and we urge to spread a message; to love someone dearly, and also to love yourself. Gracefully, with the appreance of dr. Myra on the stage and ‘ALMAN SHOW’, we succeeded to fulfill our mission to give an alternative and an inspiration on how to take care of ourselves and always be healthy. Thank you very much for everybody that takes part on this encounter, see you on the next episode!”, said Alman Naufal (Executive Director).