New season had started on January  22nd , 2020 with a new concept and presentation. Legendary Indonesian jazz guitarist Mr. Donny Suhendra had gave us a splendid display of compositions, craftmanships and originality. Together with Alman Naufal Project that consists of Alman Naufal (drums), Balqi Lesmana (bass), YD Nafis (piano), they bring three of Mr. Donny Suhendra’s song called “Pagimu”, “Ten Spirits”, and “Water”. Deeply in style of Contemporary Jazz, they had also played one of the well-known tune from John Coltrane called “Moment’s Notice”.

This episode of 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues introduces two of its newest signature segments. “Indonesian Jazz Tribute” represents a legendary jazz vocal’s repertoires, sang in Bahasa Indonesia and “Jamming with Star” that allows the audiences to join on the stage to play together with the artists.

As the spectacle that values the “Synergistic Social Club”, the show brings you a lot of things to do in the venue. In the current episode you’re basicly able to enjoy a decent dinner with a special prices, consult and shop your beauty and skin care needs, join the quizzes/ games, taste a healthy exclusive alkaline water and make a new friend. As always, this jazz and blues music show and festival also had given a big number of door prizes to the spectators


Main Stage: Donny Suhendra ft. Alman Naufal Project

Rigorous technique, high level of flexibility, and flawless composure are the best terms that I could muster up to express the greatness of the jazz-guitar master Mr. Donny Suhendra. His original compositions own a sophisticated style of modern jazz, that brings multiple time-signature, various rhythm, rich interplays and tutti into one piece of spectacular tunes. To watch an unique arrangement presented on the stage is a pleasure for everyone in the concert. Everyone in this group had worked hard, that resulting to a powerful and dynamics display. Donny Suhendra ft. Alman Naufal Project had performed a full instrumental contemporary jazz spectacle.   

Indonesian Jazz Tribute: Pupung Faisal and Friends

Is there any correlation between an educational/teaching competence with singing/vocal ability? We’re not planning to conduct a scientific research here, but in fact this is our second time to having a university lecturer that also good at singing. Pupung Faisal filled this segment with number of classic Indonesian jazz delight, “Kau” by Gleen Fredly, “Esok Kan Masih Ada” by Utha Likumahuwa, “Masih Ada”, and “Tersiksa Lagi”. Also featured with Eric (saxophone) and Arif (guitar).

Blues Showcase: Yoga Ogoy and The Reefer Wild

Brimmed with passion, Yoga Ogoy had casted his own charm to entertain the spectator’s of the concert. Featured Azis of Time Bomb Blues. Catchy blues performance also completed by the appearence of three guitarists on stage.

Quizzes and Doorprizes Lot

Number of door prizes had been in the show for everyone who’s coming. Various product of EMINA is given and we still having it for the next episode. Bring your girlfriend or partner to win a lot of this beauty brand!

Jamming with Star: Donny Suhendra

The spectators had been given a chance to play with the artist! Many familiar and well-known figure joined in this occassion, also some of the popular name in music scene who joined on stage with our star last night.


Beauty Shop and Consultation: EMINA

Beauty needs efforts, and EMINA will support you effectively to establish that goal. A complete product line-up for your skincare and make-up to enhance your gorgeousness with a wise suggestion and help from your beauty advisor. We want you to love yourself, because you’re precious! EMINA born to be loved.

Dinner Package (Special Price): BP. Bumi Sangkuriang/ Concordia Hotel

Exclusive dish from your hotel’s chef with a promotional price. IDR 30k for all foods menu and starts from IDR 15K for the drinks. What a best deal to take! Enjoy your exclusive dinner in ours pleasant music concert, only for you.

Alkaline Water Tasting (Healthy Lifestyle): PERFECT Water      

Today is the best day to commence a healthy life-style. Posessed a pH’s level of 9 point, this water could help your body to regenerate more effectively. Enjoy this highest ranking in quality of drinking water for free only on 2020 Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues. Feel the sensation, and let’s choose a quality living.

UP NEXT! E2S2: Valentine Special: Love, L’amour, Cinta 

We will be having a “Valentine Special” episode next month (February 19th, 2020)! Make sure you’ve got a partner to come together with you, because a beauty shop, consultation and door prizes will still exist on the upcoming episode. Or, you could find one for yourself on the concert. Dress up ladies and gentleman! We will share a door prizes for the best dressed men and women! 

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