[BANDUNG, INDONESIA] Clear and windy evening in capital city of West Java must be a good time to go out to a park and spend the evening with friends or lovers. Kiara Artha Park, the whole new thematic park with a beautiful fountain in it, is open for public, and always packed with peoples. Here in this park, on 25th September 2019, a newly debuted group Alman Naufal Sweetjazz showcasing their music on MLD FOUNTAIN JAZZ. This event will be held monthly, so next month, you could see the performed band on 16th October 2019.
Alman Naufal Sweetjazz brings us a soft and a charming concept of jazz music along with an entertaining performance and a good vibe, which they had showed in its music arrangements and selected tunes. This group consists of, Alman Naufal (drums), Hera (vocal), Yopi (piano), and Kanggep (bass). You could see the clip of their appearence here ( [AN Highlight])

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