INDOFEST 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia.

A Snapshot of AIASA’s Indonesian Festival of 2019 (INDOFEST 2019) in Adelaide, South Australia. Located in Victoria Square on 28th of May 2019.

INDOFEST 2017 of Adelaide, The Showcase of Indonesian Heritages.

Indonesian Festival is essential to Indonesian community of Modern Australians in Adelaide, South Australia and INDOFEST centre’s role as a leader in Indonesian Festival engagement in South Australia. This year’s festival features outstanding opportunities for connection and education of Indonesian cultural heritage to Australians.

In Adelaide, South Australia, INDOFEST has become an essentials community event, along together with other community events from other countries, including “Moon Lantern Parade”, “Southeast Asia’s premier arts conference”, Borak Art Series and Jaipur Literature Festival. With the continuing growth one of the important festival in Adelaide, INDOFEST has more mature in matter of showcasing Indonesian Cultures in one pot through festival. From its inception in 2007, this is a festival that continues to attract critical accalim across local, national and international communities in Adelaide.  

INDOFEST is a festival for everyone; Every Indonesian Community in Adelaide became a parts of this event.