[BSJB EP. 2] Fun and Entertaining, Good and Romantic Memories on Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues – Valentine Special!

[BANDUNG, 2019.02.20] February, the typical month of love is a nice moment for us to show our affection to the one we care. The same goes for Bumi Sangkuring Jazz N Blues who held a theme called ‘Valentine Special’, has given a thrilling set of show along with a romantic atmosphere.

Billy Saxo/Azis Saxsoul and Nissan Fortz are the guests star for its second episode of BSJB. After more than a decade experiences on showbiz, Billy Saxo is having a lot of tricks under his sleeves. A theatrical interactive performances and a romantic and jazz setlist has greatly entertain the audiences. The man who can do both of a mainstream jazz tunes like ‘Caravan’ and a sweet voice of ‘Come With Me’ has gave us a dynamics performances on stage alongside with the host’s band.

And then, the notch of the show is presented by Nissan Fortz ft. Alman Naufal Project. Upon successfully producing 2 albums ‘Day by Day’ and ‘Tarik Menarik’, the vocalist and guitarist is back with his new tunes called ‘Kisah’. The song expresses love deeply into its journey of pure love and mutual comprehension. On his Comeback Stage last night, he’s played the music greatly attractive in collaboration with Alman Naufal Project, where there are a lot of spectacles and interplays during their performances and the ‘Wayout Song’ has become the cloture piece of the show.     

Brief, the duo of a sweet saxophonist and the full of fondness song-writer have been giving a warm vibe with theirs appearences on a Ballroom of BP Bumi Sangkuriang.

Before that, Jhom Lemmon who’s played rock ‘n roll music also performing on the Debut Stage. Yoga Ogoy and The Reefer Wild in this chance was spelling a romantic tunes for all of us.   

For furthermore info visit: @alman_naufal (Instagram), AN Entertainment ID (YouTube). Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues will be back with more of an interesting and your favorite artist and doorprize. Until next month!

Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues is a monthly Indonesian music show held on the Ballroom of the National’s cultural heritage, BP. Bumi Sangkuriang. Its premier episode settled on 2019, January 16th. The show is the first and currently the only Jazz and Blues music spectacle with doorprize and variety concept. The Host of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues is Alman Naufal and this show also aired on AN Entertainment’s YouTube channel as its first regular content.    

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