Wednesday, January 16th  2019, a lot of jazz and blues music lover and entertainment seeker had witness a brand new event in West Java capital city. Determined to be an event that always provide you special concert and event, Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues serves you a compilation show of various type and artist of jazz and blues music in one place. Not only that, there’s also a great news for everyones and all of concertgoers, because this occasion will be held monthly with a chance for you to get a doorprize in each of its edition. Then, feel free to come because AN Entertainment in association with BP. Bumi Sangkuriang and Bandung Blues Society is making this event free for all, free entry and open for public.

In its debut edition, it’s featured three performers, there are Krishnan Mohamad, Yoga Ogoy And The Reefer Wild, and Donny Suhendra feat. Alman Naufal Project. Krishnan Mohamad made his appearence in Solo Stage and had been showchasing a beautiful acoustic jazz guitar solo. Known for his speed and classical styles, this man brought a numbers of mainstream jazz repertoire such as “Route 66”, Waltz for Debby”, “L-O-V-E”, “In Her Family”, a medley of “Home” and “Power Of Love”, “Floppy Hat” and his original composition called “December”.

Moving into the second performer, Yoga Ogoy And The Reefer Wild. It’s a special day for this blues band that consist of Yoga Ogoy (Guitar/Vocal/Leader), Iwan (Bass), Yudiarso Wibowo (Drums), because they

had been making their debut through this event. In their Debut Stage, the boys are accompanied by the young pianist Vico Wibowo on keyboard, with five famous repertoires such as “Summer Time”, “Stormy Monday”, “I Need Your Love So Bad”, and “Simple Mind”.

Next, a legendary Indonesian jazz guitarist Donny Suhendra also made an appearance last night with several amazing jazz mainstream tunes such as: Little Sun Flower, Mr. PC, So What, My One And Only Love, Lady Bird, Sandu, and Sea Journey. Accompanied by Alman Naufal who’s recently finished his “Asia Tour #1” in Brunei Darussalam’s capital city last December, the member of ‘Krakatau’ have been making a great exciting memories for all of the spectators who’s wittnessing his performances. Donny Suhendra feat. Alman Naufal Project consisted of Donny Suhendra (Guitar), Alman Naufal (Drums), Aries Ardiansyah (Bass), YD Nafis (Piano).

“There are three main objectives of this event. First to preserving culture and developing, regaining function of Bumi Sangkuriang as National Heritage. Secondly, to facilitate a new musicians and a new generations to exhibit their work and music, and the last one is to provide an alternative of entertainment show and to expand the destination of tourism and culture in the capital of West Java”,  said Alman Naufal, the Director of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues.

For furthermore info visit: @alman_naufal (Instagram), AN Entertainment ID (YouTube). Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz N Blues will be back with more of an interesting and your favorite artist and doorprize. Until next month!

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