Majestic Shympony Music School Workshop at “MUSICONIC 2018: How To Play The Music”

By Kanggep Kusuma Andriana

12th of November 2018.

One of the biggest music course/school in Bandung has been giving a workshop about’How to Play the Music’ on MUSICONIC 2018 at Majestic Heritage, Braga Street, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, by sending their delegations the blues saxophonist Mr. Azis. He told us that when one is performing on stage, music should be play wholeheartedly, without any doubt or hesitation that will make the music ‘stiff’ and unenjoyable.

He also giving an example of how to made a good ambience of music that express the feeling of its player. Accompanied by the Indonesian Jazz Drummer, Alman Naufal of ‘AN Entertainment’, they have done a jam session of two examples of music ambiances that interpret the happey and the sad feelings.


Kanggep Kusuma, the headmaster of Majestic Shympony Music School also spottedon location. “Music is a practical knowledge to express one’s feeling and identity. Meaningful music is a music that has a soul in it, and a mesage to deliver that collide, which is accumulated to bring a sophisticated art from a best quality of sounds, rhythms, harmonies and efforts that able to make an impressions. That’s why here in our school, we are not focuseing only on theoritical and technical matters on the course, but also on performances and impressions program, supported by a facility to practice student’s skills on our hall stage”, said Kanggep, the headmaster of the school.

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