The First Series of Indonesian Musicians Certifications

The musicians have finally had their chances to show thier competency and become legally certified by the governmnets. Also to face an ASEAN Economic Community, this certification could be a one big leaps for musician to perform nationally and internationally.


A few days ago, about 140 musicians representatives from legal music association had gone through some tests and assessments in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.


This occations initiated by LSP (Lembaga Sertifkasi Profesi, Indonesia-red.) or “Profession Certification Institution”, and fully funded by BEKRAF (Badan Ekonomi Kreatif) or Creative Economy Council.


LSP is a government organization that works in a domain of licensing all the occupation subjects in Indonesia, and BEKRAF is an economic organization under the president that hace an econmomics responsibilities in a domain of national tourism. “It’s almost three years that we have done a lot of research and a long preparation to fulfilled a certification for all of the competent musician to establish an acknowledgment of a skilled musicians in our country”, said the director of LSP, Johnny W Maukar. Then, the main objetives of the event is to give an examination to musician whether they’re qualified or not and the provide an eligible musician internationally.


The tests itself is divided into several groups regarding to the instrumentalist (Piano, bass, drums, guitar, and vocal). The void assesors from the governments were being accompanied by the well-known Indonesian music experts such as Cendy Luntungan (Drums), Jimmy Manopo (Drums), Oece F Tekol (Bass), Bertha (Vocal), Amir Roes (Vocal), Yon Dygta (Piano), Januar Ishaq (Piano), and Arche Rampengan (Guitar).


All the participants have to done several tests and assesment activitis from 10th of May untill 12th of May 2018 in Bandung, West Java, that held at Aston Tropicana Hotel and STIMB (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Musik Bandung).

Contributor: Kanggep Kusuma

“Love for Baby Layba” from INDOPEDULI.

Indopeduli’s charity event in Adelaide has been held from year to year, this charity organisation has been gathered people for donating and helping the needs. In the year of 2018, their charity’s focused on the helping of a little baby named “Layba” in Adelaide, South Australia.




Hosted at Wallis Cinema in Picadilly area, the charity event’s this time was about selling the movie “Ladybird” tickets for donations. The event was held on 16th of February 2018. The ticket sales will be donated to help baby Layba.

About Layba

Layba Hanin was born at Flinders Medical Centre on th 16th of January 2018. She was born emergency caesarian section 37 weeks into the pregnancy. At that moment, the parents, Fitria Ningsih (wife) and Husnul Marom (husband) rushed to the emergency department as the hadn’t see the baby’s movement for the last two days.

After doing examination and diagnosis, it has found an extremey high of her heartrate, and an abnormal size of her intestine due to swollen. The doctors decided to induce labour immediately.

She was suspected an infection having seen pus coming from the umbilical cord after she was born. She was taken immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and transferred along together with her mother to eh Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia to be treated and further recovery.

A difficult conditions has been come through the baby after her birth. A section of Layba’s large intestine had become twisted while still in utero which had caused infection as well as inhibited her digestive system, and she was also suffering from acute appindicitis. To consider her health safety, the doctors decided to remove part of her large intestine along with her appendix only hours after she was born.

Layba’s family have to face a difficult time, and wait for six weeks for the baby’s large intestine recovery. In the mean time, a Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastroscopy (PEG) has been fitted through a hole in Layba’s abdomen area.

Layba’s battle for live is still remains and not over yet. As the PEG still attached, she still needs a high care from her parents, and must undergo further surgery ro reconnect her intestines. In that case, the parents needs to apply and extend their visa for further stay in order for Layba’s medication and treatment.

The Event

However, the charity events has been succesfull as they’ve raised such amount of funds for Layba, and have been success to invite people from many other Indonesian community in Adelaide and locals to come to this event. Most of the movie tickets has been sold and many enthuiast and positivie respon from guests has raised upon this event.


Led by Eni Mosel, along together with Eenk Madja, Ninin Davis, Tami Subawiguna, Elvia Shauqi, Rina Nugroho and any other members, this organisation has initate such a various charity events in Adelaide, South Australia in order to gain interest among Australian and Indonesian people to help each other whoever needs it.

Keep up the good heart, we’re proud of you.