“Bandung Book League”, Biggest Book Exhibition in Bandung

By: Kanggep Kusuma.


A week full of excitement for all the book-lovers and literacy-enthusiasts; “Liga Buku Bandung” or Bandung Book League (in English translation-red.) had been held from April 30th to May 6th 2018 in West Java’s capital city, Bandung.

Saparua Sports Hall has become full of visitors since the first day, “This exhibition had been visited approximately by more than 2000 persons on it’s initial day”, said Erlan Gantira, the Liga Buku’s field coordinator. Before all the customers could access the venue, they obligated to do an online registration provided by the officials in front of the gate.

Then, this occassion had offered 40% to 50% minimum dscount for a best seller books and 60%-80% minimum discount for a non-best seller books. Not only a grand books sales, in this event we could also found all the clinics, art-performances, mentorings and talkshows on the stages they called ‘Panggung Lieterasi’ regarding to the one of it’s vision to ameliorate the flower city’s literacy cultures.



Last saturday, May 5th 2018, a jazz drummer Alman aufal had been spotted on the stages doing a drum demo, cliic and talkshow hosted by Mulian Herman, head of ‘Infinity Literacy Community’ (ILC). “Literacy has become an inseparable aspect in our learning process, through literacy we can elaborate a new ideas while keeping the cultural values”, said the drummer who will release a newest debut solo album this year. He and Mrs. Mulyani also encourage the young generation to realis that literacy is playing the important role in self-deployment.


Kanggep Kusuma Andriana

Contributor, Bandung West Java.

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