‘Indonesian Performance Arts of Oregon’ Community, USA.

Indonesian Performimg Arts of Oregon (IPAO) was officially established in 2011. It started out in 2010 when the initiator and one of the founding members of the group moved to Kansas City where she was actively involved in the Balinese gamelan group and dance troupe.

During the first year in Portland, Nobi Leigh, the founder of IPAO noticed, although there was an Indonesian traditional Javanese gamelan ensemble that performed from time to time, there was not much of Indonesians involvement in any cultural events. In her endeavor to promote Indonesian culture, she met a few Indonesian who shared a common interest in performing Indonesian traditional dances.
Photo credit: IPAO Facebook Page.

There are more than 15 dances from Sumatera, Java, Bali and Sulawesi have been performed. Among the big events are World Beat Festival, Beaverton Night Market, Portland Rose Parade, and Indonesian wedding events. IPAO has also collaborated with the live Gamelan Sari Pandhawa of Eugene, Oregon, to perform at several events.

Photo credit: IPAO Facebook Page.

With the motto “promote – share – celebrate “, IPAO has been actively and proudly promoting Indonesian cultures through dance and performing arts throughout Southwest Washington and Oregon, sharing and celebrating teh richness of Indonesian traditions in various events. IPAO hopes for a support from Indonesian Government, or in this case, the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco, to make the organization continue sharing and participating in various events.

Photo credit: IPAO Facebook Page.

IPAO can be reached at:
FB account : Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon

Instagram : ipao_indonesia

Email : ipao.info@gmail.com

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