The Silhouettes of Didgeridoo in Adelaide

From Timor Island-Indonesia, he started playing Didgeridoo about 10 years ago after his son introduced it to my family.

The story begins in Australia with the Yidaki. The Yidaki, also known as the didgeridoo, is the traditional instrument of the Yolngu people in Arnhem Land, in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is an important part of their ceremony, story-telling and healing.

He recognize and pay tribute towards the Indigenous Australians who are the traditional owners of the Yidaki and the land where they live.

The Yidaki is joined by a synthesis of elements of percussion from around the world, including Middle Eastern, African, Indian and South American beats. The drone of the Yidaki and the rhythmic drive of the percussion create intense, emotional images expressing happiness, joy and grief.

The rhythms he play tell the stories of journeys across seas and lands, of languages and dance and music and culture. These are the rhythms of percussion from different tribes and people across the world.

He perform and collaborate together with many local artists and groups such as Rhtyhmnesia currently , and performing in a local festival in Adelaide, South Australia.

Please keep updates his performance in our website’s calendar.

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