Pelangi Nusantara Dance Community

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Pelangi Nusantara is a group of Indonesian Dance performers based in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded on 13th April 2014 and aiming to share appreciation of the traditional culture of Indonesia through dancing.

The members are currently Indonesian women who live in Adelaide who come from different backgrounds. The name ‘Pelangi Nusantara’ or ‘Rainbow of the Archipelago’ has been chosen as it represents the group and Indonesia itself: Unity in Diversity.

To be a member of this community is easy and open to the public.

Here’s some of their videos:

Pelangi Nusantara Indopendence Day 2016

The community has objetive to conserve the heritage of Indonesian tradition, hence they are really hoping that the Indonesian government will selected them to become one of an Indonesian Culture Ambassador through dance in Australia.

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Led by Martina Tobing Punke, they first performance initially begin in 2014 with Indofest program, and the show starts to busy along with Indopendence Day, OzAsia Festival, Society Gala Dinner events, and other local Australian events & festival.

pelangi nusantra_2

During their performance carrer, a progressive situations happened and affecting their internal management, including the inclusion of members. However, activities of this group still running normal.

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They have to inquiries their costume materials which is hard to find and has to be found directly from Indonesia and it doesn’t stop them to carry on their performances, and keeping its originality, both their costumes and dances, in order to introduce Indonesian Culture in Australia.

For mor details and enquiries, plese send your email to:

2 thoughts on “Pelangi Nusantara Dance Community”

  1. my name is Margaret Atkinson and I am the Director of Celtic Reflections Irish Dance Troupe and the Adelaide Academy of Irish Dancing. I have had an enquiry from a friend wanting to know details of booking and Indonesian Dance Group. I have no other details, but wondered if you could let me have a connect number or email address. I also have the details of Adelindo Angklung to pass onto him. I saw this group perform at the Governor’s Multicultural Awards and I loved them.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for the email. Sorry for late reply as we’re in the middle of exhibition in Indonesia at the moment?
      Yes there are some of Indonesian Dancer Group Community in Adelaide.

      May I asked what kind of Indonesian dance you prefer?, as we do have a different types of Indonesia dance Community; traditional and contemporary/modern.

      Berry Jatnika
      Iroquistore Founder

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