Aksi Sophie

Aksi Sophie takes underground to dizzying heights with their different approach; adding elements of grunge, rock, expressional lyrics and minimalist sounds. Formed in Bandung, Indonesia, this trio brings dynamic grunge rhythms and irresistible head banging atmosphere.


Their latest album titled “Lullaby Song” describes a broken mentality and social distorition. Contains 7 songs; ‘Fade away’, ‘ Dewa Dewi Negara’, ‘Detik’, ‘Wandi’, ‘Pray’, ‘Silent Picture’, ‘Etos Kerja, Tradisi, Budaya Dan Ideologi’, all the material mixed and mastered by Aksi Sophie themself.


“Fade Away” – Aksi Sophie

“Etos Kerja, Budaya Dan Ideologi” – Aksi Sophie

“Dewa Dewi Negara” – Aksi Sophie

For mailing list and Band information, please check: http://www.AKSISOPHIEBERAKSI.BLOGSPOT.COM

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