“Adhya” Moslem’s Prayer Rugs (Sajadah)

The best material quality has been chosen to built the perfection for this product. Comes with optional choose of colours, this prayer rugs has a unique material comes within. Built with hand made and give our best skill over it.

You wil never have the best experience when it comes to pray than this, hence this rugs will give you more energy when you sit on it, or even pray and “Shalat”.

Based with high quality cow leather, it is last long-durable and comes handy to clean when you need it. Just simply wipe with a cloth, and you will have it shine as new.

We’ve chosed “Wave masserati” line material for the upper side, which create a luxurious look and comfy wear.

for your convinience, we’ve made It comes with 2 sizes:

Large (L): 110 cm x 65 cm. Price AUD 50

Medium: 100 cm x 50 cm. Price AUD 30.

Please email us for more details and order.

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