“Rhythmnesia”, Endless Collaborations of Arts in South Australia.


A new culture and civilization has always been discovered, as long as we always explore and have faith on it. ‘Rhythmnesia’ has set up a new level concepts of music, as they always keep up the music spirits with a collaboration with every artists in Adelaide.

The concept itself came from idea of to capture the moments of every music events, in a local community or bigger scope as well. They’re capturing the moments by jamming together with every local performers, no matter of their backgrounds. “It is too priceless to pass every musical moments that happened in our lives” Rhythmnesia said.

Hence the name, “Rhythmnesia” always keep change the atmospheres and mood, sometimes with the same personnel, but different people the group just like a drama, but in every new shapes and forms. Every persons has a different genres and songs, but Neodrama will keep it up together.

Some of the collaborations and Jamming were recorded, mixed and mastered by their self in their own room studio. Cubase, Reason, Kontakt, and UAD has been always their ammo for last several years in mixing and mastering.

Thanks to many performers that had been involved in his project, and he feels proud of Adelaide, because of the talents has been enormously growth in this city, and amazingly, all peoples that he’s been met, is a great musician though.

The mini-studio of theirs.From simple comes to magic.

He always welcome everyone to join and collaborate in music and arts, doing song covers, writing song and jamming-performing together,even for religious matters; The music has no limits and border, so lets makes magic happened” ‘Rhythmnesia’ said.

Professional, students, employee, chef, and many backgrounds has been explored their hidden ‘musical spirits’ in their souls, and that’s it, magic happened!.
In order to uniting the people of Adelaide, and share the joy and happiness through their music, Rhythmnesia will be supporting the mission together with local artists an musicians. For them, their music capability is a gift from God, which has to be shared and positively used to anyone.

Therefore, no matter how, they will play and perform the music in every conditions, getting paid or free.

The backyard is our stages, the open air is our inspiration for jamming.Let’s do it!

The point is, we’re all have the musical spirits that had been hiding deeply inside. It just a matter of our willingness to explore it, and prove it that everyone has the talents.

Let’s join “Rhythmnesia” for your music journey, and share the experiences of your life together.

These are their collaborations with some local hidden-talents, and their own songs:

Neodrama – Black (Cover)

Neodrama feat. Richie – How Do i Know (Cover)

Neodrama – Hitam


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