Rhythmnesia, Endless Collaborations of Arts in South Australia.

A new culture and civilization has always been discovered, Rhythmnesia has set up a new level concepts of music, as they always keep up the music spirits with a collaboration with every elements in South Australia


Rhtymnesia is a powerful collaboration born out of friendship, harmony and passion, between Indonesian and local musicans in Adelaide, South Australia. The project means “Rhtyhm of Indonesia” and is a musical immersion in the history, culture and spiritual essence of the Indonesian culture.

These are stories of a culture that has managed to thrive despite the tumultuous of nature and history.

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Rhythmnesia weave their trademark tapestry of soulful Indonesian traditional instruments such as ‘Talempong’ (West Sumatera traditional instrument), ‘Sasando’ (East Nusa Tenggara traditional instrument), Kendang (West Java traditional percussion), and blended together in harmony with modern contemporary musical instrument.


performance during Indofest 2017 in Adelaide, South Australia

Formed in 2011, Rhythmnesia have been weaving old folk songs, ballads and “dangdut” music (Indonesian traditional dance music) into a magical and mystical amalgam, merging loops and live samples with modern western and ancient acoustic instruments.

Merging modern and traditional cultures in harmony.

The rehearsal

They always welcome everyone to join and collaborate in music and arts, doing song covers, writing song and jamming-performing together, even for religious matters; The music has no limits and border, so lets makes magic happened.

In order to uniting the people of Adelaide and South Australia, and also share the joy and happiness through their music, Rhythmnesia will be supporting the mission to grow the cultures together with local artists and musicians.


They’re assume that music capability is a gift from God, which has to be shared and positively benefit to anyone. Therefore, no matter how, they will play and perform the music in every conditions, getting paid or free.

“Sasando” Instruments of Indonesia.

Let’s join “Rhythmnesia” for your music journey, and share the experiences of your life together.

Indonesian Dangdut Song

Jamming and fun

Indonesian traditional songs