Nesia, Inspirational Melody of Anti-Mainstream

It started with a story from the past that came back to me, this fragment of life became an inspiration for the songs and lyrics.” That’s what Ujer said, one of the founding member of this group.

Ujer had been writing songs since he was in high school. Not really enthusiastic at first, he never thought that his music career would continue until he was in college.

Having friends who had same vision about music, allowed him to continue his passion towards music. Together with Apip (bass), Berry (keyboard), and Rama (drum), he started to build a network to start a band.

After a few discussions about how they wanted their music to be different from what was popular at that time and which direction they were going, Nesia was formed. Their first single, “angkatan 95”, was named after the year they graduated from high school, since most of them were attending the same high school.

With initial band members Ujer (Guitar/Vocal), Arif “Aik” (Guitar), Rama (drums), Apip (bass), and Berry (keyboard), they started their journey in music industry in Bandung. They recorded their songs and some potential materials at a Studio in Sekeloa, Bandung managed by Umar.

As with any other groups, they experience several line up changes. Lucky (Govinda), Uep, Widi Pratama, to name a few. But a strong vision keep the band alive.

They later appointed Yoga Gayo’ as their Road Manager, who brought this group to the next level, recording with major label, in 2000.

One of the major label, Universal Music Indonesia, heard about this band and took interest in working with them. So they were asked to come to Jakarta to discuss this. They also had discussion with several musicians such as Baron Suprayogi (Gigi), Andy Bayou (Bayou band) who were willing to help them with their first album.

These were some of their songs

Nesia _Ingin Tak Mungkin

Nesia – Bicaralah

Unfortunately, their music journey with the Major label had to stop halfway through, because they felt that they didn’t have the same vision and ideas with the recording company.

But this didn’t affect them much, since from the beginning they prefered to be with indie label. They felt that with indie community, their they have freedom to express their desires and idealism without being controlled by market demand. “let us express our music based on our intuition, not by financial profit or popularity” said Ujer.

They still continue working with their passion in expressing their music. Their album, “Yang Kutemukan” was released by an indie label, and distributed in Bandung. They do however face some difficulties in continuing their works, since their Vocalist now is residing in Canada and their keyboardist in Australia, while some of the members still continue to take part in Indonesia music industry.

But that didn’t stop them to keep communicating and Continue their passion towards music.

Bravo, Nesia! Keep the dream alive!

Translated by Ujer