“iBand”, The Sounds of Indonesia-Australia Harmony in Adelaide

So many stories we can tell about this group. So many ideas will flow when we watch this group performing. Everyone’s welcome to join and share their ideas through this group. Afterall, the idea has come from simple sparks, and then, magic happened.

(Adelaide, South Australia). Beginning in a small Indonesian Community gathering in Adelaide, South Australia, some members of the group started doing a jamming at dinner, gathering or small party. And the idea of uniting group of music has become more seriously attended.

It was the Indofest in 2011 has made up Arif Febrianto, one of the co-founder, together with Erick Haryadi, Harry Dermawan, Stephanie, Mirza Aryadi and Irene McCormack, to uniting and forming a local Indonesia-Australia Music Association and community, or group we could say in normal terms.

The very first iBand Formation (From Left to right: Harry Dermawan, Arief Febrianto, Erick Haryadi, Mirza Ariadi, Irene McCormack and Stephanie)

Their goal is to perform and share the idea of happines with passion in Music, nevertheless.


Ready to perform for 2013 Indofest.

Supported by many talented musicians, such as Eric Haryadi and Irene McCormack on Lead Vocals, Arief Febrianto on Drums, Joe Arpin on Bass, Mirza Aryadi on Guitar and Syafii Achmad on Percussion, as the core members of this group, together they’re synchronized their visions about the growth of Indonesian music and cultures in Adelaide.

At the ‘Indofest 2015’ backstage

Their backgrounds doesn’t seem affected their spirits in music too much. Doctors, accountants, welders, engineers, chef, butcher, and students are their some specialties and activities during lives. Amazingly, the magic happened when they’re jamming, and the music occurs. “In other words, just forget about all the backgrounds, and you will be in heaven” Berry said. Their aspirations never be ended, as they has their own house studio. Located on Kensington Road in one of Adelaide suburb, they’re practicing and share the idea about Indonesian Music, regularly.


None the less, after performing on many Indonesian Community events, the group idea and vision has growth rapidly and intensed. As time goes by, the group has been well known in Indonesian Community ever since. The passion and fun has getting more interested, and focused, after the group has ‘reborn’ the commitment to their visions and goals.

Now, their passion is to share the endless uniquely of Indonesian Music and Cultures with people of Adelaide. Not just Indonesian music, now they’re trying to capture every aspects of Australian and Indonesian music-cultures, in one vision.

“iBand” has been collaborated and involved many local Adelaide musician during their journey. “JC Live entertainment”, Darius Kooth, Micheal Bennet, Yezkee, Farida, Gideon & Elita, Andy Asiandi, has joined and shared their passion with this group, in order to keep the concept of simplicity, freedom and authenticity of Indonesian-Australian Identity in Adelaide music cultures has never been replaced ever since.


iBand performing at ‘2012 Indopendence Day Celebration’ at Dom Polski, Adelaide, South Australia (Erick, Joe, Syafi’i)

Now, the group involved many talented Indonesian musician whose lived in Adelaide and surrounded area, from residents to students, from any aspects of backgrounds of cultures and nations.
As the time goes by, the group form has a bit changed in their personnel as Erick left Adelaide for family business in Indonesia.

At presents, with surrounded by talented musician such as Irene McCormack (Vocals), Ricardo Simatupang (Vocals), Jeremy Mooy (Vocals), Ovie Harnando (Vocals), Arief Febrianto (drums, bass, Manager), Azwar (Guitar), Mirza (Guitar), Joe (Bass), Syafii (Percussion), Daniel Darmawan on Drums, Berry (Piano/Keyboards), and also Dodi Darmadi on ‘Kendang’ (=Indonesian traditional percussion) as additional musician, the group still exists and become one of the icon of Indonesian music community in Adelaide, South Australia.

on “Nexus Indonight 2016” performances. (Photo: Iyan Suryansah)

Such a marvelous things to have an experiences with this group. Adelaide should feel very lucky to have them, in order to give more varieties, value added and color for Adelaide music and cultures, as Australia in general, and specially South Australia, as one of the biggest states with various mix of cultures, social and religions.


iBand during performing in 2013 on Indofest of Adelaide. From left to right: Ricardo Simatupang, Joe, Dodi Darmadi, Michael Bennet, Syafii, Yeski, Carly, Barry Luqman, and Farida.

Recently, they’re one of the regular participants of the Indonesian Festival on Adelaide, which held on every september on every year.

With a such of various genres of their styles of play and rythms; from Dangdut, Jazz, Keroncong, Folks, Rock and Blues, and with many talented musicians has joined such as Bobby Tangkonda, Echy Bengu, Kiky Magdalena, Arioma Bachtiar, Toto Sudibyo, and Albertus Aryo, along together their talent has been raised a bar in definition of Indonesian music and dance in Adelaide.

Ready to perform for 2013 Indofest.
iBand Collaborating with other talented artists in “Nexus Indonight 2016”.