“Seven Lonely Days”, Sounds of “Rock & Alternatif” Group from Bandung, Indonesia.

Comes from the same background and hobby in music during High School in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, they decide to be involved in a bigger music projects.

They wants to express their passion and soul in music. Play Music with freedom, spirit and interests, are their goals.

SLD, in the beginning

Formed in 1993, the group cames from many different backgrounds and talents. Most of The personnel graduated from two different High School in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia; which are 22 High School and 20 High School.

Formerly, in 1993 they’ve chosen “D’nd” as their group name. They performed many songs in Top-40 charts as they were really popular during the era. Composed by such a local talented young musicians, Hadi (Vocals), Dea (Vocals), Diah ‘Chilox’ (Vocal), Pandu (Drums), Tommy (Bass), Tono (Guitar), And Berry (Keyboard).

After all, time has changed and they decided to change the name as some of personnel doing other stuffs. and they mainly called “The Flow”. Many times the band has been performed and created their own fans during their perform. The bands plays many various world wide famous band such as U2, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Ugly Kid Joe, Creed, even Rancid. “What an flawless results and tremendous performance we’ve ever seen”, peoples said during their performances.

“The Flow”, has been founded by Delly (Vocal), Tono (Guitar), Tommy (Bass), Iwenk (Drum), and Berry (Keyboard). They’re exist to appreciate and ‘co-agullate’ their passion in music, as usual.

Based in local, generous location called Buah Batu, West Java, Indonesia, their collaborate and gathered on every weekend, or after school time, just to maintain their connectivity in musicality, smaall jamming and share their minds.

“We play music for passion, not for money” Tono commented. “That’s why we could say we’re not picky about the events, budgets or venues”.
“We performed for free, or getting paid, doesn’t matter, only the music matters are really surround us, and make us stay together” Berry added.

As time goes by, the group has been stranded and stop their activities for a quiet long time. Some of the personnel are gone, and the new warrior has come. Such a talented musician like Arief “Aik” (Guitar/NEsia), Web (Drum/Nesia), Koak (Guitar/Irish), are stands for this group for quiet some times. Finally, after several years, on 2015 they’ve decided to changed the group name to “Seven Lonely Days”, or “SLD”.

Basically, SLD are united to answers the curiosity for ’90s era of music industries. During 2000’s era, the music industries has changed and many former of music enthusiasts in Bandung City are being disappoint with current music genre in 2013 after.

And the response are approved as they’re expected. They’ve got contracts from many pubs, cafes and events organization. Out of minds, they’ve created their own fans, because of their originality and rareness.
Since then, the group has been existed on many events, with their new personnel: Delly (Vocal), Jessy (Guitar), Tommy (Bass), Bento (Bass), and Iwenk (Drums).


SLD on performance

Until now, The SLD still exist and express their passion, in order to give a new options and color to Indonesian Music industry, above and beyond. Now they’re in process and create a new single, which has defined and supported by local community, to fight the mainstreams music industry that has been changed and dying.

During the recording process in 2004
The Flow, in 1995
SLD on performance, in 2011